Monday, September 13, 2010

Please consider Aaron Jolly for KOTESOL 2nd VP in 2010-11

Dear KOTESOL members and interested parties,

My name is Aaron Jolly. I am an ELT educator with 7 years of experience in Korea as a teacher and organiser/volunteer with Korea TESOL. I have extensive exerience with event management both in and outside of KOTESOL, have attanged program for many KOTESOL events and retain numerous academic contacts in the field of ELT. If you have an interest on the KOTESOL elections and the future direction of program devlopment in KOTESOL then please take a moment to read what follows.

I am standing for the position of KOTESOL 2nd VP in the 2010 National Council elections.  For more biographical information about me refer to my profile in this blog or at the KOTESOL website. If you have not found this page via the KOTESOL election pages, then for my basic and extended campaign platform, as well as information about my KOTESOL teacher training profile, see the links at the bottom of this post. I have also included a link to the ER SIG page which includes details of events which I have organised in recent times in support of SIG Facilitator Scott Miles, in my role as co-Facilator and Event Manager. 

I hope to help other SIGs arrange innovative events if elected as 2nd VP, if that is the wish of individual SIG coordinators and the membership of KOTESOL. If elected, I pledge to create an online survey and find out what more KOTESOL can do in the area of program to better serve its members. With this data in hand, my experience and work ethic I assure that a vote for me will not be wasted in 2010-11. For more pledges and information relating to other areas of 2nd VP responosbility refer to my campaign information via link below.

Futhermore, if you are interested in contributing to a discussion on any of the key points related to the work of the 2nd VP, then sign up to follow this blog and post comments to the blog posts which follow this one in the coming days relating to the key areas of the 2nd VP job: Namely (1) National Program Committee; (2) Overseeing Special Interest Groups; (3) Charing the Technology Committee and (4)  Arranging the Annual KOTESOL leadership retreat in December. Posts from me will follow in the next few days. If you are interested then just set yourself up to follow this blog and you will hear more from me prior to the opening of online voting on October 4th 2010.

I look forward to your input and welcome any email correspondance if you prefer that medium. Contact me at if you have any issues, concerns, or suggestions.

All the best,
Aaron Jolly.

Hanseo University
Insttitute for the Development of Talented & Gifted Education.