Sunday, February 27, 2011


Howdi EPIK teachers and TALK scholars,

Great active participation from all of you on Saturday. Thanks for inviting me down to Cheonan.^^ 

Presentation PPT Here:
Here's the presentation from PPT below the post. Check out the links in the slides, at the end and let me know what more you need from me. I will add new posts and videos on some of the topics here over the next month or so, starting this week, so follow the blog if you are interested in more stuff, and post any comments/questions in the blog comments and I will get back to you as soon as I can. If anybody would like me to expand on any particular points or offer more activity samples, or expand on anything in the handouts then just post here.

Cool sites for YL EFL and Education:
By the way, the website I mentioned that you ALL should join to get involved with online ELT community is called EFL 2.0 - I have included that in the list of recommended blogs here on my site, and a couple of others with more to come soon. Look over on the right of the screen for the links. Also the last two slides of the PPT have links to a bunch of cool sites as promised.

Thank you all:
Thanks again for a great time - I had a blast, and just spent my morning enjoying the video of the activities... and admiring the dancing in the Eric Carle video and also the dance battle - awesome stuff! I was just saying on my FB this morning that an EPIK South African teacher stole my thunder in the workshop and I had to turn off the music... only an EPIC teacher could do that. ;)

Videos of session activities and classroom videos:
I am having some problems uploading some of the videos to my YouTube account as Korean YouTube has some problems, so going over to Vimeo. Anyway, I will add some video of some of the activities we did on the day, and also some classroom videos for you to view this week. The class videos are small classes but the ideas are transferable especially in after school classes, or in big classes too if you use good classroom control and arrangement techniques.

Follow the blog and you'll get my new posts. And again post any questions below the blog.

All the best,
The Jolly Professor.

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